SFR Hubster WiFi Home Internet Tablet

The SFR Hubster has entered into the trial period throughout France in an effort to capture market share from Orange France.

As anticipated, the Hubster tablet includes a touchscreen display and offers the user the ability to stream digital video, audio and pictures across the home network by either a wired network connection or a WiFi connection.

The tablet supports voice reminders (or digital memos) as the onboard voice recorder has the ability to capture audio that can then be played back at a designated time using the Hubster playback feature.

Support for streaming TV is also included. Although details are sketchy, it appears this will be streaming internet TV as opposed to streaming through a TV tuner card.

The Hubster will accept SD, SDHC and MMC cards and supports MP3, WAV, WMA and RA audio files and FLV and MP4 video files. Expect to see the Hubster in stores on June 15th for $182.

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