Homemade Solar Quadricycle

The solar human hybrid is a street legal quadricycle powered by solar electric motor. It has room for four people and even a spot for groceries and a dog. This project was launched as fourteen year old David Dixon's 8th grade project for the Novato Charter School.
Design goals:
A vehicle with excellent pedaling performance;
An efficient electric motor assist;
A street legal vehicle;
New generation battery technology; and Solar charging.
The vehicle powered by a 24-volt motor is good for 1 horsepower, and a top speed limited 14 mph. Power comes from GreenSaver Silicone Gel Cell batteries fed by 20-watt solar panels. The batteries also run the vehicle it's iPod dock - gotta have tunes - GPS unit and the lights. It costs $6,400 to build, but most of that can be attributed to the cost of the ZEM. They picked it up on
eBay for $5,000.

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