The Parrot SK4000 is a Bluetooth hands-free kit designed for bike helmets that and receive calls on your scooter or motorbike. Make call? You can also browse through your phonebook thanks to the speech-synthesised names (Text to Speech).

Once the contact is found in the phonebook, confirm to make the call. It features 10 hours' battery life in use and can be recharged via its mini USB port. It also includes a wireless remote control can be positioned on the handlebars that you can easily access answer, hang up, choose the source, and so on. Other features include an FM RDS tuner, a line-in socket and Bluetooth stereo connectivity. To listen to the FM radio, scan the frequencies using the remote control and the kit says the names of the radio stations.Connect your MP3 players via the jack cable and listen to your favourite playlists. The Parrot SK4000 is Bluetooth stereo compatible: your mobile phone can be turned into a wireless music player. Two Parrot-designed sound effects will leave you stunned: Virtual SuperBass and Stereo Widening. Cool!

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