Cute Puppy Shaped USB Powered Speakers

No dog training classes or expensive vet bills to be had with these cute puppy shaped USB speakers.
These unique speakers will flank both sides of your laptop or workstation and sit adorably on your desk. The unmatched pair consist of two dog breeds, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy (left) and a Dalmatian puppy (right). According to the speaker designer, Japan Trust Technology, the speakers are known as “Wonderful speakers”.

The actual speaker is placed on the belly of the puppy with sound escaping from the base of the unit. With the way the speakers are standing, there should be sufficient space for decent audio quality but for someone buying a speaker set such as this, is sound quality the number one concern?

The speakers also come with a remote control, which in keeping with the puppy theme, you would think would be bone shaped, but rather it is guitar shaped.

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